I have little words to describe (silver)

Isis. home of taken pic
I don't have enough words to describe

I was a defender, I knew clearly
who was an opponent and straight forward
when I went to meet Her Forces
I monitored each one, I measured each of them
from top to bottom and I looked through

she stepped in, she was watching me and
I watched the measure taken
In this great vault in the cave palace
and I stood - ready to try
so that the meat is slaughtered
so that the supremacy can be reduced

She stepped down from the throne
and there's a light in her eye ...
her grace was enchanting
and the width of my hordes horde
my likes, my home ...

she came to me
ready to admit her Strength
and I looked at her.
I acknowledged her Power
yet there was no fear.

So I joined her
staring into her glaring eyes
There was no mirror no sides
in them, in her!?

And I looked the Shape, oh Isis
It was the power of grace, force, power.
So I saw the Goddess from top to bottom ...
SHe said - I can eat you - stood up against me
and I'm toward her side
being empty of fear or a fault.
behind my back were my kind

I have bread in my mouth and
inside I had land and water,
came calmly in a flame
everyone stayed in a bucket.
I joined Her
acknowledging the power, grace, beauty,
who is ruling the Ten Powers
I watched the eyes before
as elements, troubles

I'm in defence of my kind, myself
So I stood against her-
quite close to her
and I admitted her beauty!

I said - You have the Force and Power
Oo, Kali, Commander
but I'm not afraid of you before
I'm sure ...
But know - I see you in Beauty,
ah Isis you and Bast
I see the woman inside, this eye is burning

a hand around my neck
she put, pulled me close
and saying in the eye -
I eat your kind often ...
but I felt something else in it ?!

So She kissed my lips
SHe knew the taste of my bread.
We got being ONE for a short
and her taste flooded me

I was not a party, I lost it all ...
There was no killing, anger,
from this oldness new came to my source
This beingness deleted all sides!

bright green green light
found the way where the Beginning
and packed everything for change.
In me was no longer Sides.

I looked, I rebuilt
all my old, original source
and Kali watched and those others
Her Majesty and the Force looked at me
as well as those behind me.

I was new, I was old,
i was that i was the same
but there's nothing in my head
got a way, I was the center of being!

Those who stood by me
I understood their path ...
for a moment suspicious-hesitancy
attacked mind and went off ...

I knew then, there was no Sides,
is in all places and time
bright-green light -
I saw all the corners ...
All three and Bast-Kali-Isis stood in front of me ...
Oh, Parvati, now there's no Sides